Use the search engines below and find tournaments near you to play at. Or utilize the resources below to organize your own local tournaments for your area. Below is also provided instructions on how to calculate the Margin of Victory (MOV) when engaged in tournament play. Along with the necessary sheets to fill out what squad you will be using and keep track of player information during the tournament process.

How to Determine Margin of Victory in Tournament play.

At the end of each game the victor, the player with the highest score, adds the amount by which their score exceeds the opponent’s score to 200. Then the player who has destroyed fewer points, the loser of the match, subtracts the same amount from 200. These two numbers are the Margin of Victory (MOV) for each player respectively.

Brad wins the game, destroying 161 worth of points from his opponent John. John only destroys a total of only 21 points from Brad’s squad. To determines Brad’s Margin of Victory the 21 points destroyed by John is subtracted from the 161 points destroyed by Brad for a total of 140. 140 is Margin of Victory. Then 200 points is added to Brad’s total for the winning the game, and 140 points is then subtracted from 200 to determine John’s final total.

Winner (Brad)= 200 + 140 = 340 Margin of Victory
Loser (John)= 200 – 140 = 60 Margin of Victory

After each match, the Margin of Victory is calculated for each player. Then that number is added to the Margin of Victory from previous matches. This shows the cumulative Margin of Victory for the entire tournament. It can be used in pairings or to break ties.

  • If both players have an identical score, each player receives a Margin of Victory of 200 points
  • If a player receives a bye, that player receives a Margin of Victory of 300 points
  • If a player starts the game with a bid, for example, they are only playing with 183 points instead of a full 200. Regardless of bid size. The final score is still determined from 200 when adding and subtracting the Margin of Victory from the respective players appropriately.

The margin of Victory works for larger point games as well. For example, a 500 point epic game uses 500 points instead of 200 for determining the margin of victory for each player instead.

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