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First Order


  • TIE/sf Fighter
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Disclaimer = Image is a stock image.  This is a USED (Prior Played) Miniature and may have slight imperfections.

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The TIE/sf space superiority fighter was a starfighter model used by the First Order, a specialized version of the TIE/fo space superiority fighter. It was a two-seater unlike the previous TIE models, and was outfitted with enhanced weapons and sensor systems as well as hyperdrives and deflector shields. The TIE/sf was reserved for members of the First Order’s elite Special Forces. On the lower side of the vehicle, directly below the primary fuel tank, was a turret containing a pair of heavy laser cannons and a mag-pulse warhead launcher.

A two-seat strike fighter used by the First Order’s elite Special Forces pilots, the TIE/sf boasted weapons far more powerful than a standard TIE, combining laser cannons with a heavy weapons turret armed and warhead launcher, giving the fighter a 360-degree field of fire and ability to deliver special ordnance. Although the pilot had the ability to fire all weapons, the turret was ideally controlled by the rear-facing gunner.

Special Forces TIEs were equipped with hyperdrives to enable the fighter to go on long-range
missions far from a base or carrier ship, enhanced deflector shields, and high-yield cells that provided additional power to onboard systems (necessary because of the more powerful weapons and stronger shields). These versatile attack ships were used for both reconnaissance and combat operations.  This variant of the TIE fighter could be visually
distinguished from its regular counterpart by the laser turret below the cockpit and the red flashes on its left side; similarly, the Special Forces pilots who operated them also had red flashes on their helmets, in a callback to the flight barons of the 
Galactic Empire.

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