TIE/ln Fighter (V1.0)


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  • TIE/ln Fighter (V1.0)
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Disclaimer = Image is a stock image.  This is a USED (Prior Played) Miniature and may have slight imperfections.

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The TIE/LN starfighter, or TIE/line starfighter, simply known as the TIE Fighter or T/F, was the standard Imperial starfighter seen in massive numbers throughout most of the Galactic Civil War and onward. Colloquially, Rebel and New Republic pilots referred to the craft as “eyeballs.”

The TIE Fighter is the original design for later upgraded TIE models such as TIE/sa bomberTIE/IN interceptorTIE/D DefenderTIE/D automated starfighter, and many more. The TIE Fighter was a descendant of the T.I.E. starfighter and the V-wing starfighter, both developed for the Galactic Republic, and was manufactured by Sienar Fleet Systems. In addition to the T.I.E. and V-wing, it was also descended from the TIE starfighter, the first TIE model developed for the Galactic Empire. The namesake for the fighter and line was the Sienar Fleet Systems P-s4 twin ion engines that acted as its engines. However, it also to some degree was named after an item of clothing due to its overall shape resembling a bow-tie.

Like stormtroopers, TIE pilots had their own identification, such as DS-61-2 (the first
two letters indicated the posting, the next two or three digits indicated the squadron number, and the last number indicated the pilot’s ranking in the squadron). This procedure reduced them to being no more than anonymous and standardized operatives of the Imperial war machine. This attitude was further reflected by the lack of any sentimental attachment to particular TIEs by TIE pilots, unlike Rebel pilots who often grew attached to their craft. As far as they were concerned, every fighter, whether reconditioned or factory-fresh, was
identical. They were considered as nothing more than tools, much in the same
way the pilots were.

A disadvantage of the fighter was its lack of deflector shields. In combat, pilots had to rely on the TIE/Ln’s maneuverability to avoid damage. The cockpit did incorporate crash webbing, a
repulsorlift antigravity field, and a high-g shock seat to help protect the pilot, however these did next to nothing to help protect against enemy blaster fire. However, despite this lack of protection, the fighter was at least able to survive glancing hits, such as when the quad laser cannons on the Millennium Falcon were able to hit a TIE fighter without actually destroying it.

The TIE/Ln starfighter’s eponymous twin ion engines are also notoriously easy to sabotage; all it takes is moving an energizer out of alignment for a TIE’s recharge systems for them to become time bombs.

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