TIE Advanced X1 (V1.0)


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  • TIE Advanced X1 (V1.0)
  • 1 Small Base
  • 1 Small Base Peg

Disclaimer = Image is a stock image.  This is a USED (Prior Played) Miniature and may have slight imperfections.

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The TIE Advanced x1, or TIE/ad, was an advanced prototype starfighter that was part of the TIE line manufactured by Sienar Fleet SystemsDarth Vader notably flew a TIE Advanced x1 during the Battle of Yavin.

In designing the starfighters of its TIE lineSienar Fleet Systems drew heavily on the designs of Kuat Systems Engineering ships such as the V-wing and Eta-2 interceptor.  Sienar also experimented with advanced models featuring localized improvements and secret technological breakthroughs, including the TIE Advanced v1 prototype, based on Sienar’s Scimitar Star Courier. This prototype led to the TIE Advanced x1, which boasted a hyperdrive and deflector shield generator. A modified early prototype of the Advanced x1 line was flown by Darth Vader himself.  Vader’s fighter boasted greater speed and heavier firepower, featuring fixed-mounted twin blaster cannons and a cluster missile launcher.
Vader specified a custom cockpit to accommodate 
his armored suit, and high-performance solar cells were fitted into the fighter’s curved wings.

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