Star Wars X-Wing Second Edition: TIE/rb Brute Expansion Pack


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  •  TIE/rb Heavy Brute
  • Pilots:”Rampage”, Lyttan Dree, 1 Onyx Squadron Sentry, 1 Carida Academy Cadet
  • Upgrades: 1 Maneuver-Assist MGK-300, 1 Target-Assist MGK-300, 1 Synced Laser Cannons, 1 Ion Cannon, 2 Snap Shot, 1 Ion Limiter Override, 1 Heavy Laser Cannon, 1
    Deadeye Shot, 1 Ablative Plating Quick Build Cards
  • Tokens

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The success of the Empire’s TIE line of starfighters is built upon the speed and maneuverability these ships bring to combat in open space. When it comes to patrolling dangerous sectors such as the Akkadese Maelstrom surrounding Kessel, however, something more rugged, like the TIE/rb heavy, is necessary to ensure the Empire’s domination.

Despite sharing a similar appearance to the Empire’s iconic starfighters, this ship, sometimes known as the “Brute,” distinguishes itself with its heavy armor and capacity to house an integrated MGK-300 droid co-pilot.

Designed to operate independently and without the support of carriers, the TIE/rb’s flexibility makes it a valuable asset to Imperial squadrons across the galaxy. Not only does the ship’s heavy armor stand up to blaster fire and the harshest environments alike, its swiveling blaster cannons make it easy for the TIE/rb to both pursue craft through dangerous environments and shake hostiles from its tail.


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