Star Wars X-Wing Second Edition: Xi-class Light Shuttle Expansion Pack


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  • Xi-class Light Shuttle
  • Pilots: Commander Malarus, Gideon Hask, Agent Terex, 1 First Order Courier
  • Upgrades: 1 Agent Terex, 1 Commander Malarus, 1 Commander Pyre, 1 Tactical Officer, 1 Contraband Cybernetics, 1 Deadman’s Switch, 1 Inertial Dampeners, 1 Rigged
    Cargo Chute, 2 Deadeye Shot, 1 Snap Shot, 2 Automated Targeting Priorities,
    1 Sensor Buoy Suite, 2 Sensor Buoy Remote Cards, Quick Build Cards
  • Tokens

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The First Order’s agents are scattered across the galaxy, from enclaves in the Unknown Regions to pockets of sympathizers within the New Republic. The Xi-class light shuttle is swift and lightly armed, suited to conveying First Order VIPs quickly but surreptitiously
from base to base. While providing support to other craft near by providing target locks via its sophisticated sensor buoy system it deploys It can also serve as a command craft, directing forces in raids before the attackers slip away into the depths of space once again.  As ideal command platforms for clandestine operations and raiding parties alike, 
Xi-class shuttles enhance the effectiveness of the First Order’s more nimble fighters and allows some of its most devious agents to impose their will on starfighter battles.


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