Star Wars X-Wing Second Edition: TIE/sk Striker Expansion Pack


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  • TIE/sk Striker
  • Pilots: “Countdown”, “Duchess”, “Pure Sabacc”, 1 Black Squadron Scout, 1 Planetary Sentinel
  • Upgrades: 1 Conner Nets, 1 Intimidation, 1 Proton Bombs, 1 Skilled Bombardier, 1 Trick Shot, Quick Builds
  • Tokens

6 in stock

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The sleek and agile TIE/sk Striker was originally developed primarily by Imperial forces stationed on planetary instillations, where its adaptive ailerons and potent weaponry made
it an excellent safeguard against Rebel incursions.  Its ability to streak and effectively reposition so agilely through both the atmosphere and space with its ailerons made the TIE/sk Striker a very unique starfighter that made it excel in both environments.  Its ailerons themselves being the component of their manufacture giving them the capability in combat of unique and very flexible movement patterns that could surprise even the most veteran
of opponents.  However, not only was its maneuverability a key to success in battle it also possessed heavy firepower to wear down its opponents with coupled with bomb deployment capability to decimate targets, both is space and in atmosphere, below it to great effect.


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