Star Wars X-Wing Second Edition: TIE/D Defender Expansion Pack


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  • TIE/D Defender
  • Pilots: Rexlar Brath, Colonel Vessery, Countess Ryad, 1 Onyx Squadron Ace, 1 Delta
    Squadron Pilot
  • Upgrades: 1 Tractor Beam, 1 Ion Missiles, 1 Advanced Sensors, 1 Elusive, Quick Build
  • Tokens

5 in stock

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The TIE/D Defender, commonly known as the TIE Defender or T/D was a high-performance TIE Series Starfighter developed for the Imperial Navy by Sienar Fleet Systems in a project overseen by Grand Admiral Demetrius Zaarin shortly before the Battle of Endor. 
Representing a shift in starfighter design from previous TIE models, the ship featured a hyperspace as well as deflector shields to allow it to operate independently of imperial capital ships.¬† The ship’s speed and agility, combined with its arsenal of four laser cannons, two ion cannons, two warhead launchers and an optional tractor beam projector made it arguably the most advanced starfighter available at the time.


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