Star Wars X-Wing Second Edition: TIE Advanced X1 Expansion Pack


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  • TIE Advanced X1
  • Pilots: Darth Vader, Maarek Stele, Ved Foslo, Zertik Strom, 1 Storm Squadron Ace, 1
    Tempest Squadron Pilot
  • Upgrades: 1 Cluster Missiles, 1 Fire-Control System, 1 Heightened Perception, 1 Ruthless, 1 Squad Leader, 1 Supernatural Reflexes, Quick Builds
  • Tokens

10 in stock

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While the standard TIE/ln fighter is a common sight in almost any sector of space and is the template upon which all other tie fighters models are based, picking up a TIE Advanced X1 on your scopes is all the proof you need that you have certainly drawn the Empire’s attention in a negative way.  This advanced prototype was only flown by high-ranking imperial agents and the most skilled of imperial pilots.  Due to its advanced targeting systems, increased armaments, and improved upon design above that of other tie variants.  Darth Vader himself would even fly a TIE Advanced X1 when going into battle and on missions on behalf of the Emperor regularly.   The mere sight of this deadly variant within an imperial squadron would strike fear in those on the opposite side of its wrath.


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