Star Wars X-Wing Second Edition: Tantive IV Expansion Pack


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  • Tantive IV
  • Pilots: 1 Alderaanian Guard, 1 Republic Judiciary
  • Upgrades: 1 Carlist Rjeekan, 1 Jan Dodonna, 1 Raymus Antilles, 1 Stalwart Captain, 1
    Strategic Commander, 1 Ion Cannon Battery, 1 Point-Defense Battery, 1 Targeting Battery, 1 Turbolaser Battery, 1 Novice Technician, 1 Seasoned Navigator, 1 Toryn Farr, 1 Agile Gunner, 1 Hotshots Gunner, 1 Bombardment Specialists, 1 Comms Team, 1 Damage Control Team, 1 Gunner Specialists, 1 Sensor Experts, 1 Adaptive Shields, 1 Boosted Scanners, 1 Optmized Power Core, 1 Tibanna Reserves, 1 Dodonna’s Pride, 1 Jaina’s Light, 1 Liberator, 1 Tantive IV, 1 Thuderstrike, Quick Build Cards
  • Tokens

1 in stock

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With its powerful broadside batteries and advanced command capabilities, the CR90 Corellian Corvette has served as the cornerstone of strike forces since the days of the old Republic. Now these vessels are among the Rebellion’s most valuable warships, slipping Imperial blockades and delivering the decisive blow in space engagements.

The starship’s hull was mainly colored white, as with many CR90 corvettes, and distinctly painted with dark red lines.  The interior walls of the craft’s corridors and chambers were also adorned in a similar fashion, excluding the maintenance shafts lined with the escape pods, which bore pipes without any paneling.

As a vessel of state, the ship featured dining rooms for hosting state dinners, as well as conference centers suitable for negotiations with interstellar dignitaries.  It also progressed a cluster of structures between the stern’s eleven engines and the central section topped with four cannons.  This cluster sported a ventral passenger entrance lift that extended onto a landing platform, from which passengers descended.  A top this tower was another affixed cannon.  Between the central structure and the cockpit located at the head of the corvette was a cannon tower that protruded both up- and downwards.


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