Star Wars X-Wing Second Edition: T-70 X-Wing Expansion Pack


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  • T-70 X-Wing
  • Pilots: Ello Asty, Jaycris Tubbs, Jessika Pava, Joph Seastriker, Kare Kun, Lietenant
    Bastian, Nien Nunb, Poe Dameron, Temmin Wexley, 1 Black Squadron Ace, 1 Blue Squadron Rookie, 1 Red Squadron Expert
  • Upgrades: 1 Black One, 1 BB-8, 1 BB Astromech, 1 Integrated S-foil, 1 M9-G8, 1 Targeting Synchronizer, Quick Build Cards
  • Tokens

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Upgraded for maximum tactical flexibility, the Incom-FreiTek T-70 X-wing can equip a wide variety of astromechs, weapons, and other customizations preferred by individual pilots. These heroes of the Resistance Starfighter Corps have used their X-wings to great effect in countless missions against the First Order.

It was faster, more expensive, and complex than its predecessor the T-65B.  The T-70 featured advanced weaponry and proved more versatile than its predecessor, and was essential in both dogfights and against capital ships.  Its S-foils were designed to allow a greater range of fire, while four KX12 laser cannons offered single, dual, and quad firing modes.  It also possessed a dual proton torpedo launcher with a quick-change magazine
capability.  The New Republic demilitarization efforts and corruption would ultimately see production of the vessels shifted to several well-connected manufacturers.  However, even with such entrenched backers, the T-70 would be eventually replaced by the newer T-85 X-wing.


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