Star Wars X-Wing Second Edition: Slave 1 Expansion Pack


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  • Slave 1
  • Pilots: Boba Fett, Emon Azzameen, Kath Scarlet, Koshka Frost, Krassis Trelix, 1 Bounty
  • Upgrades: 1 Andrastra, 1 Boba Fett, 1 Concussion Missiles, 1 Heavy Laser Cannon, 1 Inertial Dampeners, 1 Lone Wolf, 1 Marauder, 1 Perceptive Copilot, 1 Proximity Mines, 1 Seismic Charges, 1 Slave I, 1 Veteran Tail Gunner, Quick Build Cards
  • Tokens

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Originally produced for law enforcement purposes, the Firespray-class patrol craft became a favorite of bounty hunters across the galaxy. The ship`s robust chassis offers plenty of space for additional weaponry and other less-than-legal modifications. While the pilots of the Empire and Rebellion fly in the name of their beliefs, Scum pilots have little concern for political conflicts. Rather than declare allegiance to one side or another, they are only concerned with one thing: profit, no matter how it’s obtained. And no one in the galaxy is better at tracking down their quarry and collecting the reward than the infamous Boba Fett.


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