Star Wars X-Wing Second Edition: Servants of Strife Squadron Pack


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  • Belbullab-22
  • 2 Separatist
    Vulture-class Droid Fighters
  • Belbullab- 22
    Pilots: Captain Sear, General Grievous, Wat Tambor, 1 Feethan Ottraw
    Autopilot, 1 Skakoan Ace
  • Vulture-class
    Droid Fighter Pilots: DFS-081, 2 HaorChall Prototype, 2 Precise Hunter, 2
    Separatist Drone, 2 Trade Federation Drone
  • Upgrades: 2
    Composure, 2 Crack Shot, 2 Daredevil, 2 Intimidation, 2 Juke, 1 Lone Wolf,
    2 Marksmanship, 2 Swarm Tactics, 2 Treacherous, 2 Trick Shot, 10 Missile
    Upgrade Cards: 2 Cluster Missile, 2 Concussion Missile, 2 Energy-Shell
    Charges, 2 Homing Missiles, 2 Proton Rockets, 1 Kraken, 1 TV-94, 1 Soulless
    , 3 Afterburners, 2 Electronic Baffle, 1 Impervium Plating, 2
    Munitions Failsafe, 3 Static Discharge Vanes, 3 Stealth Device, Quick
    Build Cards
  • Tokens

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The corporate entities that
form the bulk of the separatist Alliance have untold resources at their
disposal. As the clone Wars escalate, then, it is only natural that they throw
this weight into developing advanced Star fighter technology that can help them
Put the Republic on the defensive. The result of this research is a unique
blend of cheap but deadly droid Starfighters and heavily armed ships controlled
by “more traditional” organic pilots. Both of these design philosophies are
represented in the servants of strife Squadron pack for X-Wing. Within this
expansion, you’ll find both a heavily armed belbullab-22 Starfighter and two
vulture-class droid fighters (painted in general Grievous colors) to begin
building your separatist Alliance squadrons. Accompanying these ships is a full
suite of 48 upgrade cards that reflect the separatists’ emphasis on groups of
networked droid fighters working as one. Finally, this expansion also includes
three new gas cloud obstacles to add even more variety to your X-Wing battles.


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