Star Wars X-Wing Second Edition: Rebel Alliance Conversion Kit


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Conversions and Contents:

  • 3 A-wing, 2 ARC-170, 2 Auzituck Gunship, 2 B-Wing, 2 E-Wing, 2 Ghost, 2 HWK-290, 2 K-Wing, 2 Millennium Falcon, 2 Phantom I, 2 Phantom II, 2 Sabine’s TIE Fighter, 2
    U-Wing, 2 X-Wing, 2 Y-Wing, 2, YT-2400, 4 Z-95 Headhunter
  • Upgrades, Systems, Crew, Gunners, Cannons, Turrets, Torpedoes, Missiles, Bombs,
    Titles, Configurations, Modifications

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Bring hope to the galaxy as the space battles of the Star Wars galaxy play out on your tabletop with the Rebel Alliance Conversion Kit.

The Rebel Alliance, also known as the Alliance to Restore the Republic, was a resistance movement formed by Bail Organa and Mon Mothma to oppose the reigh of the Galactic Empire.  The Alliance was formed from a less organized movement to oppose the Empire that existed, which was secretly led by Organa.  The early group came together from a number of rebel cells that were independently operating throughout the galaxy, including the crew of the Ghost and Phoenix Cell.


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