Star Wars X-Wing Second Edition: Hound’s Tooth Expansion Pack


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  • Hound’s Tooth (V2.0)
  • Z-95-AF4 Headhunter Nashtah Pup
  • Hound’s Tooth Pilots: Bossk, Moralo Eval, Latts Razzi, Trandosian Slaver
  • Nashtah Pup Pilots: Nashtah Pup, Bossk
  • Upgrades: 1 Squad Leader, 1 Tractor Beam, 1 Homing Missiles, 1 Freelance Slicer, 1 GNK “Gonk” Droid, 1 Tactical Officer, 1 Cikatro Vizago, 1 Jabba the Hutt, 1 Bossk, 1 BT-1, 1 Greedo, 1 Feedback Array, 1 Ablative Plating, 1 Hound’s Tooth, Quick Build Cards
  • Tokens

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The reptilian bounty hunter Bossk is as tenacious as he is notorious, pursuing his targets doggedly in his customized YV-666 light freighter, the Hound’s Tooth, or launching his Z-95-AF4 Headhunter to engage other starfighters up-close and personal. Beside Bossk, the YV-666’s spacious triple-decker design makes it popular with bounty hunters of all stripes, who often retrofit an entire deck for prisoner transport.

The Hound’s Tooth was a modified YV-666 light freighter manufactured by Corellian Engineering Corporation.  Its elongated, rectangular hull was topped with the vessel’s command bridge, giving the pilot a commanding view through the segmented viewports.  It possesses a deflector shield generator situated right below the bridge to protect the bridge from the drawback of having such a commanding view.  It also had a forward ramp to allow access into its interior of the ship along with a side ramp close to the aft maneuvering fin.  A painted mascot of teeth adorned the top of the forward hull.

Within its interior and lower decks the Hound’s Tooth’s engines, power core, and weapons systems were housed.  For armaments it was equipped with a quad laser cannon turret, an ion cannon, and a concussion missile launcher.  For speed it was able to reach speeds of up to 1190 kph, and possessed a Class 1.5 Hyperdrive.  Bossk would use his ordinary-looking
freighter to store vast amounts of weapons, interrogation tools, and gruesome trophies from this numerous kills performed by him from his years of being a bounty hunter.  He also modified and transformed the YV-666 cargo bays into high-security prison cells and an advanced security system to ensure anyone trying to enter or exit the Hound’s Tooth would be blasted and escape attempts of held bounties easily thwarted.


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