Star Wars X-Wing Second Edition: Fang Fighter Expansion Pack


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  • Fang Fighter
  • Pilots: Fenn Rau, Joy Rekkoff, Kad Solus, Old Teroch, 1 Skull Squadron Pilot, 1 Zealous
  • Upgrades: 1 Afterburners, 1 Daredevil, 1 Fearless, 1 Ion Torpedoes, Quick Build Cards
  • Tokens

1 in stock

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The Fang Fighters is the standard starfighter craft for the Mandalorians.  The Mandalorians being renowned thoughout the galaxy as ferocious warriors, and the sight of their iconic armor enough strikes fear in even the most hardened Imperial or Rebel.  When Imperial and Rebel Pilots encounter the Fang Fighter in space they are filled with the same fear and dread at its sight.  When it comes to space combat, the pilots of Mandalore prefer one starfighter for all their combat above all others, and that is the Fang Fighter.  Expand your scum fleet with a squadron of fang fighters and strike the same fear in your opponent.


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