Star Wars X-Wing Second Edition: A/SF-01 B-Wing Expansion Pack


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  • A/SF-01 B-Wing
  • Pilots: Braylen Stramm, Ten Numb, 1 Blade Squadron Veteran, 1 Blue Squadron Pilot
  • Upgrades: 1 Advanced Proton Torpedoes, 1 Afterburners, 1 Electronic Baffle, 1
    Fire-Control System, 1 Heavy Laser Cannon, 1 Ion Cannon, 1 Jamming Beam, 1 Squad Leader, Quick Build Cards
  • Tokens

3 in stock

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The A/SF-01 B-wing starfighter, also designated as the A/SF-01 B-Wing assault starfighter, more commonly referred to as the B-wing, was a heavily armed Rebel Alliance single-pilot starfighter and bomber manufactured by Slayn & Korpil.  The B-wing saw action during the Galactic Civil War and was subsequently substituted by the B-Wing Mark II.

It was a relatively poor dogfighter, but it was primarily designed as a “blockade buster” to attack and destroy large capital ships like Star Destroyers.  Thus, it was equipped with weaponry and systems normally reserved for much larger craft.  Indeed, the B-wing boasted more firepower than most patrol ships and corvettes.  Simultaneously, it was slower and less maneuverable than a Y-wing, gave off a significant infrared signature, and required more
maintenance than any other Rebel Alliance starfighter.


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