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Rebel Alliance


  • Rebel Alliance K Wing
  • Medium Base
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Disclaimer = Image is a stock image.  This is a USED (Prior Played) Miniature and may have slight imperfections.

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The BTL-S8 K-wing assault starfighter, more commonly known as the K-wing was produced by Koensayr Manufacturing, the same company responsible for the venerable Y-wing starfighter bomber.  Like many other Rebel starfighters, the K-wing was designed to excel in a specific primary role in combat while retaining the flexibility to serve other functions as needed.

The primary role of the K-wing was to engage in precision bombing of planetary targets, slow moving capital ships, and spaceborne instillations.  It would also perform secondary missions as an escort or reconnaissance.

The K-wing was known for carrying an usually large arsenal for a vessel of its size.  The hull had a total of 18 hard points, five on each upper wing and four on each lower wing, to allow technicians to arm the ship with a large variety of weapons include flechette and concussion missiles, proton and other sublight torpedoes, thermal and internal bombs, small space mines, and T-33 plasma torpedoes. 

For defense the K-wing possessed a short range quad turbolaser turret with multi-stage lasers located at the fore and medium range twin laser cannon turret mounted on top of its command module.  Also, the K-wing could be outfitted with slugthrower cannons on the hardpoints for additional short-range firepower.

Lastly, due to its large weapon loadout, the K-wing required a bombardier.  The pilot and gunner sat in cockpits on either side on the command section.  In case of emergency, this module was able to detach from the rest of the ship to serve as an escape pod.

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