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Rebel Alliance


  • Rebel Alliance E Wing
  • Small Base
  • 1 Small Base Peg

Disclaimer = Image is a stock image.  This is a USED (Prior Played) Miniature and may have slight imperfections.

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The E-7 E-wing multi-role starfighter also called the E-wing escort starfighter was a single-pilot starfighter developed by FreiTek Inc.  It was notable for being the first fighter designed entirely under the support of the Rebel Alliance.

As designed, the E-wing was intended to match or exceed the performance of the preceding T65 X-wing series in every respect.  However, the craft suffered from several significant problems when first deployed among front-line squadrons.  The most serious problems included malfunction issues with the wing-mounted laser cannons and the new R7 astromech units, which had been designed specifically for the E-wing.  As a result, many pilots continued to fly the older but more reliable X-wing series. 

Despite all these internal problems, improved models of the E-wing would eventually see widespread use by the New Republic, particularly by the Fifth Fleet, and later by the Galactic Alliance.  E-wings would go on a to play a significant role in every engagement from the Black Fleet Crisis, through the Yuuzhan Vong War, and beyond. 

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