Rebel B Wing (Rebel Aces)


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Rebel Alliance


  • Rebel Alliance B Wing (Rebel Aces – Fixed Wings)
  • Small Base
  • 2 Small Base Peg

Disclaimer = Image is a stock image.  This is a USED (Prior Played) Miniature and may have slight imperfections.

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The A/SF-01 B-wing Starfighter, more commonly known as the B-wing, was a heavily armed Rebel Alliance single-pilot starfighter and bomber manufactured by Slayn & Korpil.  The B-wing saw action during the Galactic Civil War period, and was later subsequently substituted by the B-wing Mark II.  

The B-wing was a relatively poor dogfighter, but it was primarily designed as a “blockade buster” to attack and destroy large capital ships.  As such, it was equipped with weaponry and systems normally reserved for much larger craft.  Indeed, the B-wing boasted more firepower than most patrol ships and corvettes.  At the same time, it was slower and less maneuverable than the Y-wing starfighter/bomber.  It also gave off a significant infrared signature, and required more maintenance than any other Rebel Alliance starfighter.

The primary airfoil took up the length of the hull, with the cylindrical command pod at one end and a weapons pod at the other, with a engine cluster between the two.  Two S-foils just below the engines on either side of the main airfoil provided similar functionality to those on the the X-wing starfighter but featured more advanced actuator technology and targeting locking mechanisms. 

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