Republic ARC-170 Starfighter


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  • ARC-170 Starfighter
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The ARC-170 is the Galactic Republic’s mainstay heavy starfighter. Equipped torpedoes allow this intimidating craft to smash through foes that might repel the Republic’s more lightly armed ships, while its rear gunner makes it difficult to approach from most angles. Whether defending the flanks of a formation or giving support to a Jedi General, the ARC-170 has an imposing presence on the battlefield.

While most starfighters eventually give way to newer models, the ARC-170 has proven surprisingly resilient to the passage of time. For the Galactic Republic, the ship was a welcome alternative to their lighter starfighters, giving the clone pilots who flew them a way to punch a hole through swarms of Separatist fighters.

With heavy armor and multiple attack options, the ARC-170 is a versatile ship that can easily become the offensive centerpiece of your squadron as it lays down covering fire for other ships.

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