Rebel A Wing (V1.0)


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Rebel Alliance


  • Rebel Alliance A Wing (V1.0)
  • Small Base
  • 1 Small Base Peg

Disclaimer = Image is a stock image.  This is a USED (Prior Played) Miniature and may have slight imperfections.

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The RZ-1 A-wing Interceptor, also known as the RZ-1 A-wing starfighter, was a wedge-shaped starfighter manufactured by Kuat Systems Engineering, which took design inspirations from the Republic starfighters of the Clone Wars.  Based on the original R-22 prototype, the early rebel movement adopted the fighter against the Galactic Empire, letting these so called RZ-1s see action during the Age of the Empire and the Galactic Civil War.

The RZ-1 A-wing was a quick, powerful strike fighter.  The RZ-1 A-wing was the result of Rebel engineers seeking to improve upon the original design’s speed, weaponry, and defenses.  In modifying the A-wing, the Rebel Alliance first sought to equip it with a hyperdrive.  They then realized they could swap out the original sublight engines mounted on the stern for two massive, more powerful “Event Horizon” models that made it faster than even the TIE/ln interceptor.  The original hull armor, weapons, and deflector system were also swapped out for lightweight material and components.  Essentially turning it into a cockpit with two engines.  These modifications made the RZ-1 was so fast and maneuverable it was a challenge to pilot even for someone with Jedi-like reflexes.

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