C-Roc Gonzonti-class Cruiser


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  • C-Roc Gonzonti-class Crusier
  • 2 Epic Bases
  • 2 Epic Base Pegs

Disclaimer = Image is a stock image.  This is a USED (Prior Played) Miniature and may have slight imperfections.

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The C-ROC Gozanti-class
light cruiser
, also known as the C-ROC Carrier Ship, with the shipyard custom
configuration known as the Configuration-Restored Operational Capacity, was an official modified version of the Gozanti-class cruiser that was manufactured by the Corellian Engineering Corporation prominently during the Clone Wars and the Imperial Era.

The C-ROC was designed to be bulkier than the original Gozanti-class, and had many cosmetic and mechanical modifications, which diverged it from the standard cruiser. The C-ROC’s hull design was considered softer and more rounded, in contrast to the bold and
square-shouldered lines of the standard cruiser. The front two-thirds of the C-ROC’s hull had a sloping, bell-shaped cross-section that was narrow on the dorsal side, while it flared out below the midship line.  Although the C-ROC was not as large as a true cruiser, its tight corridors and compartments could make for intense close-quarters combat, and had consumables capacity for two months.

The design of the new hull provided more protection as the slope of the hull deflected blasts more efficiently than the original Gozanti-class. Outrigger cargo trays that were designed
to carry modular cargo containers similar to the GR-75 medium transport replaced the two cranked delta wings. The outriggers, in concert with the complete redesign of the ship’s interior, provided the C-ROC with exceptional hauling capability with the cost of the ship’s combat and fleet support utility. The outrigger racks, along with the extended prow, and the bridge module softened the original cruiser’s sharp design edges

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