BTL-B Y-Wing Bomber


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Galactic Republic


  • BTL-B Y-Wing Bomber
  • Small Base
  • 1 Small Base Peg

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(Prior Played) Miniature and may have slight imperfections*

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The BTL-B Y wing was acquired from the Koensayr testing facility
in orbit around Bormus where they were undergoing testing early in the Clone
Wars.  They were acquired by Anakin Skywalker for an unsanctioned
mission.  That mission was to immediately hunt down General Grievous’
flagship the Malevolence, the secret weapon of the Confederacy
of Independent Systems.  After acquiring them he quickly formed
“Shadow Squadron,” the Republic’s most skilled clone troopers pilots
to perform the mission.

After their successful deployment against the Malevolence, the
Koensayr testing facilities had difficulty keeping up with the demand for their
production during the Clone Wars.  Where they were deployed to numerous
other squadrons and Jedi generals for use.

The BTL-B Y Wing consists of a cockpit section that connects to
two large Koensayr ion engines via a reinforced spar and cross-wing.  With
the cockpit being pressurized and being composed of a transparisteel
canopy.  Some cockpits even being repulsor-powered escape craft that were
fully contained for easy escape if necessary.

The weaponry of the Y-wing consisted of two forward firing laser
cannons, either the KX5 or IX4 models.  Its weapons and ordinance were
designed to penetrate battle cruiser hulls and could have a very devastating
effect on their targets.  Backing their two forward firing laser cannons
they possessed a rotating turret manned by a designated gunner or the pilot
themselves.  The Y-wing was capable of launching ordinance by possessing a
pair of MG7 proton torpedo launchers, each with 6 round magazines.  Besides
having proton torpedoes its launchers could launch concussion and cluster
missiles if desired.  Lastly, the Y-wing was also an bomber capable of
carrying and deploying bombs to devastating effect on its targets.


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