Welcome to the Hangar Bay.

Deploy your starfighter squads, support your armada fleet, or load your transports to assault the planet below from the Hangar Bay.

The Hangar Bay is a community/multi-vendor eCommerce website primarily focused on the players of X-wing miniatures. However, we do support the Armada, and Legion player communities as well. We provide information, retail, used products. It is our goal to keep players connected to one another, provide access to the latest news on those games, support the sellers of those products. All with the mission of growing and strengthening the players and providers of these great products that we all enjoy.

The Hangar Bay originally started only as an Ebay Store in August of 2019 with the intention of lowering the barrier of entry for new players entering into X-wing miniatures by providing used X-wing miniatures that may be out of print more easily to them via resale.


That Ebay store then expanded to not only offer those miniatures, but to also offer V1.0 miniatures fully upgraded to V2.0, other components, and promos for the game as well. The Hangar Bay has strived to always keep our inventory and selection of items high and prices as low as possible. All in an effort to promote the game by increasing its accessibility for all.

The Hangar Bay then utilizing the success found on Ebay expanded to create a this website in response to further achieve our goals and support the community during COVID-19. Unfortunately, once we launched FFG had just transferred ownership of X-Wing to AMG. Leaving us in a unknown period for the future of the game. With the changes made by AMG with 2.5, we decided to support the Legacy 2.0 community as much as we can along with providing links to the rules and squad builders for 2.5 to support both communities. We seek to provide a solid foundation of support and growth for X-Wing Miniatures, Armada, and Legion. As expanding we felt that by only focusing on our business detract and weaken these games overall. So in response, we set to lay the foundation for a community/multi-vendor store for the community to unite around.

Star Wars all its respective characters/props/vehicles are TM of Disney/Lucasfilm and/or Fantasy flight Games/Atomic Mass Studio, all rights reserved

The Hangar Bay Respects the rights and trademarks of Disney/Lucasfilm and/or FantasyFight Games/Atomic Mass Studio for all Star Wars products, but especially in regards to X-Wing Miniatures, Armada, and Legion. We are a community / ecommerce multivendor store which strives to support, grow, and strengthen these games and their community through the promotion of these products globally with the utmost integrity and respect.

“Stand up together. Because that’s when we’re strongest – as one.”

-Ezra Bridger

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Our Values

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